Current City Council Packet

This week's City Council packet

00. City Council Meeting Agenda, March 1, 2015

01. Summary City Council Meeting Minutes From Meeting Held, February 2, 2015

06.A. Recognition of Mike Elms

06.B. Recognition of All State Orchestra Students

06.C. Recognition of All-State Choir Students

06.D. Recognition of All-State Band Students

06.E. Presentation of Checks to Arvada Area High Schools to Help With After Prom

08.A. Consent Items, Resolutions R15-026, R15-027, R15-028, R15-029, R15-030, R15-031, R15-032, R15-033, R15-034, and R15-035

08.A.01. R15-026, A Resolution Accepting a Utility and Drainage Easement from Partner Credit Union, Pertaining to the Partner Credit Union Development Located at 6221 Sheridan Blvd

08.A.02. R15-027, A Resolution Adopting the Colorado Municipal Records Retention Schedule

08.A.03. R15-028, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Atkins North America for Professional Services Related to a City-Wide Pavement Condition Assessment

08.A.04. R15-029, A Resolution Authorizing an Easement Agreement with the Regional Transportation District, and Accepting the Emergency Access Easement (1)

08.A.05. R15-030, A Resolution Authorizing a Renewal and Amendment to an Existing Construction Contract with Asphalt Specialties Company, 2015 Milling and Overlay, Project No.

08.A.06. R15-031, A Resolution Authorizing a Renewal and Amendment to an Existing Construction Contract with Insituform Technologies, for 2015 Trenchless Sewer Main Replacement

08.A.07. R15-032, A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of a Purchase Order to the Regional Transportation District for the Acquisition of Public Art for the Arvada Transit Stations

08.A.08. R15-033, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Citadel Security and Investigations to Furnish Security Services to the Arvada Municipal Court

08.A.09. R15-034, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Wenk Associates, Inc. for Professional Consulting Services to Provide a Development Master Plan for Arvada Blunn Reservoir Property

08.B.01. R15-035, A Resolution Authorizing the Second Amendment to the 2015 Operating and Capital Budget and Authorizing Expenditures in 2015

08.B.02. R15-036, A Resolution Authorizing the Third Amendment to the 2015 Operating and Capital Budget to Appropriate Adams county Open Space Grant Funds

08.B.03. R15-037, A Resolution Authorizing the Submission by the City of Arvada of a Paths to Parks Trail Grant Application to Great Outdoors Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail Project

08.B.04. R15-038, A Resolution Authorizing the Adoption of a City Council Budget and Fiscal Policy

08.C.01. CB15-010, An Ordinance Authorizing an IGA with, Edgewater, Golden, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge, and Mountain View for the Use and Maintenance of a Regional Criminal Justice System

08.C.02. CB15-011, An Ordinance Amending the Cable Television Franchise Agreement with Comcast of Colorado, to Extend the Term of the Franchise until September 30, 2015

09.A. CB15-006, An Ordinance Authorizing the Third Amendment to the 2005 IGA with the Jefferson Center Metropolitan District No. 2

09.B. CB15-007, An Ordinance Authorizing the Acquistion of Property, West 64th Ave. and Sheridan Boulevard for Construction Street Improvement

09.C. CB15-008, An Ordinance Vacating Street Rights-of-Way for Loveland Street, W. 64th Drive, W. 64th Place, and W. 65th Avenue, the Hometown South Subdivision Final Plat

09.D. CB15-009, An Ordinance Rezoning Certain Land Within the City of Arvada, Solana Olde Town Station, and Amending the Official Zoning Maps of the City

09.E. Solana Olde Town Station Preliminary Development Plan, 6855 W. 56th Avenue

09.F. Solana Olde Town Station Height Exception to Allow Up to 40 Feet, 6855 W. 56th Avenue

11.A. Council Committee Reports

12.A. Review of Future Workshops and Presentations

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