Current City Council Packet

This week's City Council packet

00. City Council Meeting Agenda, May 18, 2015

01. Summary City Council Meeting Minutes from Meeting Held, May 4, 2015

05.A. Recognition of Board and Commission members who have reached their maximum years of service

05.B. Recognition of 10th Annual 64th Avenue 6th Grade Essay Contest Winners

05.C. Proclamation for Kiwanis 100th Anniversary

07.A. Consent Items, Resolutions, R15-070, R15-071, R15-072, and R15-073

07.A.01. R15-070, A Resolution of the Arvada City Council Supporting a Change in the Countywide Dog License Fee to Benefit the Operations of the Foothills Animal Shelter

07.A.02. R15-071, A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of a Blanket Purchase Order to L. L. Johnson Distributing Company, Inc. for the Purchase of Turf Maintenance Equipment

07.A.03. R15-072, A Resolution Authorizing a Change Order to a Construction Contract with Triple M Construction, LLC for 2014 Miscellaneous Concrete Replacement

07.A.04. R15-073, A Resolution Accepting an Emergency Access and Fire Lane Easement from Costco Wholesale Corporation, 5195 Wadsworth Boulevard

07.B.01. R15-074, A Resolution Authorizing the Acquisition of Real Property Located at 5885 Allison Street, Arvada, Colorado

07.C.01. CB15-019, An Ordinance Authorizing the First Amendment to an IGA with the Regional Transportation District Concerning the Redesigned Olde Town Station Transit Facilities

07.C.02. CB15-020, An Ordinance Annexing Certain Land Into the City of Arvada, Moore Brothers Farm, 12605 W. 72nd Avenue

07.C.03. CB15-021, An Ordinance Rezoning Certain Land Within the City of Arvada, Moore Brothers Farm, and Amending the Official Zoning Map of the City

08.A. CB15-018, An Ordinance Amending Chapter 14, Animals, of the Arvada City Code by Amending Various Provisions Thereof Relating to the Keeping of Miniature Goats and Other Animals

10.A. Council Committee Reports

11.A. Review of Future Workshops and Presentations

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City of Arvada, City Council Packet, May 18, 2015 - (6.53MB)

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