Current City Council Packet

This week's City Council packet

00. City Council Meeting Agenda, April 21, 2014

01. Summary City Council Meeting Minutes From Meeting Held April 7, 2014

05.A. Proclamation for Day Without Hate

07.A. Consent Items, Resolutions R14-058, R14-059, R14-060, R14-061, R14-062, R14-063, and R14-046

07.A.01. R14-058, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Plante and Moran, PLLC, for Consultant Services for Asset Management System Acquisition

07.A.02. R14-059, A Resolution Accepting a Utility Easement from Apex Park and Recreation District Pertaining to a Sanitary Sewer Line for Sunset Mesa Subdivision

07.A.03. R14-060, A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Purchase Orders to AutoNation Toyota Scion for the Purchase of Ten 2014 Toyota Tacoma Trucks

07.A.04. R14-061, A Resolution Authorizing a Construction Contract with Tusca 2, Inc. for the Lamar Street Sidewalk Extension (BNSF Railroad to W. 56th Place)

07.A.05. R14-062, A Resolution Authorizing the First Amendment to a Promissory Notewith the Archway Housing and Services, Inc

07.A.06. R14-063, A Resolution Authorizing the Adoption of City Council Policies

07.A.07. R14-046, A Resolution Authorizing a Tri-Party Agreement with United Fire & Casualty Company and Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance for the Completion of Wolff Park

07.B.01. R14-064, A Resolution Authorizing the Employment Agreement with Kristan K. Wheeler as Relief Municipal Judge

07.B.02. R14-065, A Resolution Authorizing an IGA with the CDOT, Division of Transit and Rail Pertaining to the FASTER-Construction Grant for the Bus Transfer Facility

07.B.03. R14-066, A Resolution Accepting a Quitclaim Deed from the DOT, Pertaining to Property in the Vicinity of Wadsworth Bypass and Grandview Avenue

07.B.04. R14-067, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Park Place Olde Town, Inc. for the Grant of a Revocable Encroachment License to Install a Sidewalk within McIlvoy Park

07.C.01. CB14-019, An Ordinance Authorizing an IGA of the Colorado Information Sharing Consortium

08.A. CB14-013, An Ordinance Rezoning Land, R & B Peterson, and Amending the Official Zoning Maps of the City of Arvada, Colorado, 10625 W. 58th Avenue

09.A. CB14-017, An Ordinance Approving the Second Amendment to the City of Arvada Gold Line Corridor Local Agency Contribution IGA with the RTD

09.B. CB14-018, An Ordinance Authorizing an IGA with RTD Concerning the Redesigned Olde Town Station Transit Facilities

11.A. Council Committee Reports

12.A. Review of Future Workshops and Presentations

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