Current City Council Packet

This week's City Council packet

00. City Council Meeting Agenda, October 20, 2014

01. Summary City Council Meeting Minutes From Meeting Held October 6, 2014

05.A. Recognition of Blues and BBQ for Better Housing Foundation

05.B. Recognition of Brian O’Meara and Arvada Associated Modelers for hosting Warbirds Over the Rockies

05.C. Presentation of the Winners of the Star Spangled Scholars Essay Contest

07.A. Consent Items, Resolutions R14-137, R14-138, R14-139, R14-140, R14-141, R14-142, R14-143, R14-144, R14-145, R14-146, and R14-147

07.A.01. R14-137, A Resolution Approving an Agreement with the Arvada Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge 2278 to Permit the Public to Use and Occupy the Elks Parking Lot for Public Parking

07.A.02. R14-138, A Resolution Authorizing the 11th Amendment to the 2014 Budget to Authorize Funds from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, to Fund a Contract Forensic Interviewer

07.A.03. R14-139, A Resolution Amending the Administrative Fee Schedule for Services Provided by the Building Inspection Division Pursuant to Chapter 18, Buildings and Building Regulations

07.A.04. R14-140, A Resolution Accepting a Utility Easement from Apex Park and Recreation District Pertaining to a Sanitary Sewer Line for Sunset Mesa Subdivision

07.A.05. R14-141, A Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of a Purchase Order to Pipestone Equipment LLC for the Purchase of a 24” Dual Solenoid Control Valve

07.A.06. R14-142, A Resolution Authorizing a Construction Contract with Symmetry Builders, Inc. for W. 74th Avenue Pedestrian–Bike Bridge over the Croke and Farmers’ High Line and Canals

07.A.07. R14-143, A Resolution Authorizing a Crossing Agreement with Farmers’ High Line Canal, for W. 74th Avenue Pedestrian-Bike Bridge

07.B.01. R14-144, A Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Kiewit Building Group, Inc. for an Early Excavation Package Related to Work on the Olde Town Phase 1 Parking and Site Improvement Project1

07.B.02. R14-145, A Resolution Authorizing an IGA with the Urban Drainage District Regarding Final Design, Right of Way Acquisition, Construction of Drainage and Flood Control for Leyden Creek

07.C.01. CB14-044, An Ordinance Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on the Acceptance, of any Application for a Permit or License Concerning the Operation of any Cyber Cafe, Internet Sweepstakes Cafe, etc.

08.A. CB14-038, An Ordinance Appropriating Funds for Fiscal Year 2015

08.A.01. R14-146, A Resolution Adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2015

08.A.02. R14-147, A Resolution Adopting the 2015 Capital Improvement Fund Budget and Allocating for Specific Projects in 2015

08.A.03. R14-148 A Resolution Approving, in Content, the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) Budget for Fiscal Year 2015

08.B. CB14-039, An Ordinance Certifying the City of Arvada Mill Levy for 2014 for the Board of County Commissioners for Jefferson and Adams Counties

08.C. CB14-040, An Ordinance Amending Section 355 of Chapter 102, Utilities, of the Arvada City Code Pertaining to Stormwater Users Rates

08.D. CB14-041 An Ordinance Amending Section 206 of Chapter 102, Utilities, of the Arvada City Code Pertaining to Wastewater Users Rates

08.E. CB14-042, An Ordinance Amending Various Sections of Chapter 102, Utilities, of the Arvada City Code Pertaining to Water Users Rates

08.F. CB14-043, An Ordinance Amending Various Sections of Chapter 102, Utilities, of the Arvada City Code Pertaining to Water Fees

10.A. Council Committee Reports

11.A. Review of Future Workshops and Presentations

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